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Muhammad Ali vs. Sunni Khalid, February 11, 1980…

My younger brother, Paul Lee, managed to unearth some of 37-year old CBS video of the White House press conference where I confronted former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. Close by Ali was Jeremiah Shabazz, a longtime “handler” from the infamous Nation of Islam (NOI) Mosque No. 12 in Philadelphia, as well as a member of […]

Sunni Khalid, TV appearances, video stories

Sunni Video Mix A compilation of some of my former TV appearances and a couple of video stories.

October 2002 – Africa’s Troubled Relationship With The Arab World

African-Arab Divide An October 2002 report by Africa Journal’s Sunni Khalid on Africa’s troubled ties with the Arab World.

June 2002 – Angola’s Long Civil War Ends

Angola’s long civil war ends A report by Africa Journal’s Sunni Khalid on the death of rebel leader Jonas Savimbi and the immediate aftermath of the end of Angola’s long civil war in June 2002.

“Last Rites: Death & Remembrance in Maryland” (Black funeral homes)

A look at African-American funeral homes in Baltimore.

Last Rites: Death & Remembrance in Maryland (Street Memorials)

“The Listening Post,” Al-Jazeera English, April 9, 2011

Lens on Liberia Panel discussion on International Reporting Project Gatekeepers trip to Liberia in November 2010.

The Thriller in Manila (UK version)

Another look at the Ali-Frazier rivalry, from Smokin’ Joe’s perspective.

Washington, D.C., Oct. 14, 1994 — Weekly News Review, C-SPAN Panel discussion with a younger John King, then of the Associated Press, John Harwood, then of the Wall Street Journal, and moderator Brian Lamb.