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“Growing Up in Arabia West,” Part 2 (excerpt from “The Land of My Fathers”

…A few doors up the street on which I grew up, lived a quiet, elderly couple in a small, red brick house. In their backyard were a couple of pear and apple trees, which my childhood friends and I would occasionally raid. The couple lived next door to my friend, Percy Fox. Percy always called […]

“Growing Up In Arabia East,” Part 1 (excerpt from “The Land of My Fathers”)

My life has been directly impacted by the combined affects of three great forces – unprecedented industrialization, massive immigration/migration and rapid urbanization – all of which began to play out in the Detroit area more than five decades before I was born. The community in which I was raised was at the very epicenter of […]

Memories of Cairo…

For many years, I have made countless and futile attempts to describe the Oriental charm, magical attraction and the sheer wonder of living in Cairo to my family and friends. Suffice it to say that Cairo is not simply a location, or a specific set of geographic coordinates on a map. And it is much […]

“An Unintended Monument,” excerpt from “The Land of My Fathers”

For many of those who have never set foot in Egypt, the first images conjured up by the mind’s eye, or by the cathode rays of modern television, are those of a harsh land dominated by monuments – both natural and man-made — of varying scale. That perception is, in fact, simplistic, but true. There […]

“Searching for the Star of Mogadishu,” (excerpt)

  THE LAND OF MY FATHERS Chapter Two: Searching For the ‘Star of Mogadishu’ The Mogadishu night swept away gradually, like a large, indigo curtain being withdrawn into the wings of a giant stage, leaving only the reassuring architecture of the heavens, so perfect that the Somalis tried to recreate the essence of its pull […]

Sudden-death overtime: The last days of Jonas Savimbi and the end of the Angolan civil war

SUDDEN-DEATH OVERTIME:  The death of Jonas Savimbi and the end of Angola’s civil war By Sunni M. Khalid For the better part of 40 years, Angolan rebel leader Jonas Malheiro Savimbi was the unquestioned and brutal leader of one of Africa’s most successful and destructive guerrilla movements. He had personally cheated death countless times. This […]