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Said S. Samatar (1943-2015)

One of my great mentors was the late Dr. Said S. Samatar, a brilliant scholar and source of encouragement in all of my journalistic endeavors. “Abo” guided much of my professional and personal involvement in Somalia and all things Somali. He was insightful, generous, warm and witty. I will miss my conversations him dearly.


“Searching for the Star of Mogadishu,” (excerpt)

  THE LAND OF MY FATHERS Chapter Two: Searching For the ‘Star of Mogadishu’ The Mogadishu night swept away gradually, like a large, indigo curtain being withdrawn into the wings of a giant stage, leaving only the reassuring architecture of the heavens, so perfect that the Somalis tried to recreate the essence of its pull […]

Baltimore, 2008 — Somali Bantus

http://Baltimore’s Somali Bantus Long marginalized in their native land, Baltimore’s growing population of Somali Bantus struggles to adjust to life in their adopted hometown.

At “The Stoop,” June 15, 2006 Telling some old war stories of my assignment in Mogadishu during the early days of the U.S. military intervention in 1992-93.

Baltimore, June 15, 2006, The Stoop — “Wherever there are guns, there are many tears.”

http:// “Wherever there are guns, there are many tears.” My time in the spotlight at The Stoop storytelling event, relating my experiences from my 1992-93 assignment in Somalia.

Washington, D.C., Nov. 14, 1993 – Somalis: ‘A People WIthout A Country’ (Baltimore Sun)

WASHINGTON — Washington. — Just before he was overthrown almost three years ago, Somalian President Mohamed Siad Barre vowed in one of his final national addresses to “leave a people without a country.” By the time an armored convoy containing Mr. Siad Barre left the shell-pocked Presidential Palace in Mogadishu, the dictator had made good […]

Washington, D.C., June 10, 1993 — Intervention in Somalia, C-SPAN

Washington, D.C., Feb. 1, 1993 — Media Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy, C-SPAN

Somalia, January 14, 1993 — Rebuilding Somalia’s economy

http://Reporting from Mogadishu in January 1993 on the struggling to rebuild Somalia’s formal and informal economies. Morning Edition Jan 14, 1993 Somalia’s Economic and Business Situation ALEX CHADWICK, host: Somalia’s economy has been left in ruin, first, from years of mismanagement and highly level corruption and, finally in the last two years, from civil war. […]

Mogadishu, Somalia, Jan. 13, 1993 – 1st Marine Casualty Killed on Patrol

Morning Edition Jan 13, 1993 ALEX CHADWICK, host: In Somalia, a US Marine Corps private was shot dead in an apparent ambush during a patrol near the airport in Mogadishu last night. Marines have responded by tightening security at checkpoints throughout the city. This was the first killing of an American serviceman since Operation Restore […]