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Interview with King Kaufmann about the Canadian Football League, The Bleacher Report, July 27, 2016 Advertisements

The Spiritual Journey of Muhammad Ali

Remembering Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) :: The Marc Steiner Show June 6, 2016 – Segment 1 My co-host Dr. Kimberly Moffitt, Associate Professor of American Studies at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and co-editor of Blackberries and Redbones: Critical Articulations of Black Hair/Body Politics in Africana Communities, and I begin the show with a tribute to and remembrance of the life of the […]

The Legacy of Muhammad Ali – Podcenter – ESPN

The legacy of Muhammad Ali.

A Defiant Muhammad Ali Was Cherished By Black Men : NPR

Excellent piece on “The Greatest” by my friend, Karen Grigsby Bates.

Barclay Residents Face The Challenge Of Relocation 

Barclay residents are bitter at being forced to relocate from their homes by city officials preparing the area for redevelopment.

Barclay’s Residents Bemoan City’s Broken Promises

Many longtime residents of the Barclay community face relocation from their homes to make way for a planned redevelopment scheme that few will be around to enjoy.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death & Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 1 -Barclay-Midway’s Promise of Redevelopment. 

Residents of one of Baltimore’s poor, inner city neighborhoods are promised that they will share in the redevelopment slated for their drug- and crime-plagued neighborhood.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death & Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 5

“Urban Renewal” or “Negro Removal?” A historic look at urban redevelopment from World War II to present-day East Baltimore in the final segment of the series.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death & Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 3

In Part Three of the series, the acrimonious relationship between Johns Hopkins and the residents of Middle East residents, many of whom have been forced to relocate to make way for a $2.1 billion bio-medical research park.