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Aug. 13, 2000 – Arab Claims To Jerusalem Rooted in Religion (Baltimore Sun)

August 13, 2000| By SUNNI M. KHALID PREPARATIONS are afoot for a second Israeli-Palestinian summit, which the Clinton administration hopes will finally produce a permanent agreement before Yasser Arafat’s planned declaration of an independent Palestinian state on Sept. 13. The president has dispatched Edward Walker, the assistant secretary of state for Near East Asian affairs, […]

Cairo, Egypt, July 18, 1996 — Netanyahu Meets Mubarak

Sunni Khalid reports that despite his tough talk about changing the rules of the Arab-Israeli peace process, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo today and convinced him that he was not bent on halting peace negotitions with his arab neighbors.

Gaza City, Gaza, May 30, 1996 — Palestinians React to Netanyahu Victory

Bob Edwards talks with Sunni Khalid about the Palestinian reaction in the Gaza Strip to the victory of Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu over Prime Minister Shimon Peres…

Gaza City, Gaza Strip, March 1996 — Arafat Cracks Down On Hamas

Following a devastating series of suicide bombings against Israelis, the Palestinian Authority staged a crackdown against the Islamic Resistance Movement, also known as Hamas, in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Sunni Khalid reports from Gaza City.


Sunni Khalid reports from Jerusalem….