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Feb. 14, 1999 – Jordan’s Hussein Moved His Nation (Baltimore Sun)

February 14, 1999|By S.M. KHALID THE RECENT DEATH of King Hussein has led to widespread mourning in his beloved Jordan and evoked new concerns about stability in the Middle East, specifically the stalled Middle East peace process. Unfortunately, in many Western capitals, King Hussein’s historical importance has been either simplified through numerous personal anecdotes or […]

Amman, Jordan, Aug. 21, 1995 – UN Envoy Meets With High-Ranking Iraqi Defectors Sunni Khalid reports from Amman that UN envoy Rolf Ekeus is in Jordan to talk to an Iraqi general who fled Iraq earlier this month. The general and other members of Saddam Hussein’s family join thousands of other Iraqis who left their country because of the economic sanctions or from fear of persecution.