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Aug. 13, 2000 – Arab Claims To Jerusalem Rooted in Religion (Baltimore Sun)

August 13, 2000| By SUNNI M. KHALID PREPARATIONS are afoot for a second Israeli-Palestinian summit, which the Clinton administration hopes will finally produce a permanent agreement before Yasser Arafat’s planned declaration of an independent Palestinian state on Sept. 13. The president has dispatched Edward Walker, the assistant secretary of state for Near East Asian affairs, […]

Jan. 16, 2000 – No Need for More Aid To Israel (Baltimore Sun)

January 16, 2000|By Sunni M. Khalid THE BIGGEST news to emerge from the recently concluded round of peace talks between Israel and Syria was not that it was inconclusive, or that the two sides agreed to meet again. Instead, it is speculation that Israel will request $65 billion to $70 billion in U.S. aid to […]