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Sanctions: Time To End The Suffering and Rebuild Postwar Iraq, July 30, 2000 (Baltimore Sun)

  by Sunni M. Khalid In the pre-dawn hours of the morning of Aug. 2, 1990, the first of 300 Iraqi tanks rolled through the desert across the Kuwaiti border, marking the beginning of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of the oil-rich emirate.The swift attack also set in motion Iraq’s brutal sacking of Kuwait and the subsequent […]

February 13, 2000, Baltimore Sun — The Zanj Rebellion and the African Influence in Arabia

By Sunni M. Khalid When traveling overseas, you never know when you are going to see a familiar face. As an African-American, I was used to seeing familiar faces when I was sent on assignment to various countries in Africa and in Latin America and the Caribbean, regions that shared much of the history of […]

Baghdad, Iraq, Feb. 1996 – Economic Sanctions Hit Ordinary Iraqis Hard

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the allied military campaign to evict Iraqi troops from Kuwait. Nearly five years after the end of the military conflict, United Nations sanctions against Iraq remain in place. NPR’s Sunni Khalid visited Baghdad to see the effects of the sanctions on the people in the city and found […]

Amman, Jordan, Aug. 21, 1995 – UN Envoy Meets With High-Ranking Iraqi Defectors Sunni Khalid reports from Amman that UN envoy Rolf Ekeus is in Jordan to talk to an Iraqi general who fled Iraq earlier this month. The general and other members of Saddam Hussein’s family join thousands of other Iraqis who left their country because of the economic sanctions or from fear of persecution.