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Public Radio News Directors, Inc., Series (Second Place) WYPR for “Growing Up Baltimore” Advertisements

“Growing Up Baltimore,” The Economy

WYPR 88.1 FM | Jan 19, 2010 Growing Up Baltimore -“Local Youth Battling Unforgiving Economic Factors” For many young Baltimoreans, the immediate future is bleak. According to the latest data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, national unemployment rate for young black men is about 35 percent – more than three times the nation’s overall […]

“Growing Up Baltimore,” Fathers WYPR 88.1 FM | Jan 15, 2010 Growing Up Baltimore –“Fathers” Since 1980, the total number of families in Baltimore has dropped from about 190-thousand families to 126-thousand.  Over the same period, married couples with children 18-years-old and younger have also declined from about 51-thousand to 21-thousand. That’s compared to the nearly 80-thousand families with […]

Nov. 17, 2009, “Maryland Morning With Sheilah Kast,” – Growing Up Baltimore WYPR’s News Department spent close to a year examining what it’s like to be growing up and at-risk in Baltimore City. The result is a series called “Growing Up Baltimore”. The series launched November 4. We talk to WYPR’s Sunni Khalid, Mary Rose Madden, and Fraser Smith about how the project came to be […]

“Growing Up Baltimore,” Economic Decline, Part 2

Growing Up Baltimore –  Baltimore’s Economic Decline Part II They are usually forgotten, but they are not unseen. Groups of young, able-bodied African-American men, mill on countless Baltimore street corners, forming part of a familiar, constantly moving tableau in many neighborhoods. Our series, “Growing Up Baltimore,” continues with WYPR’s Sunni Khalid reporting on the inability of […]

“Growing Up Baltimore”

http:// “Growing Up Baltimore” In 2008, the WYPR’s news department and the Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence decided to start a series to focus on what life was like for Baltimore’s at-risk youth. The reasons were simple: The first was the number of violent crimes involving juveniles, including the murder of former City […]