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January 26, 2014 — A New Player Emerging In Egypt’s Political Turmoil?

Last weekend, large crowds once again filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday to mark the third anniversary of the protests that toppled longtime dictator President Hosni Mubarak. Just three short years ago, most of Egypt’s long-suffering people mobilized in open revolt against a corrupt, ineffective and often brutal regime. Then, the eyes of the world […]

October 10, 2013 – Suspending Aid To Egypt’s Army

This week, the United States announced that it was suspending a portion of it’s $1.5 billion military assistance to Egypt, ostensibly, in an effort to prod the Egyptian military to move the country back towards democracy after the July coup d’etat that toppled the government of Mohammed Morsi. The decision has provoked much patriotic, righteous […]

August 20, 2013 — Not “Algeria” Yet, But Post-Coup Egypt Faces Security Challenges

I hate to sound the alarm, because there’s already enough hysteria, but I think we’re entering an extremely dangerous and extraordinarily difficult time for Egypt, one which not only imperils the uncertain path towards democratization, but also the future of the Egyptian state as well. If effective government authority continues to erode throughout Egypt, the […]

August 19, 2013 – Egypt Peers Into The Abyss

In the 61 years of Egypt’s republic, through four conventional wars with Israel, decades of military dictatorship and emergency law, waves of political repression and economic stagnation, there had never been a day like Wednesday, August 14th,  2013 – a date that shall remain forever etched in Egypt’s collective psyche. At dawn, Egyptian security forces […]

August 12, 2013, The Marc Steiner Show — Middle East Roundtable Marc Steiner Show — Middle East Roundtable Middle East Roundtable: Egypt and Israel/Palestine Peace Talks August 12, 2013 – Segment 3 We close out the show with a roundtable on the Middle East to discuss the situation in Egypt and Israel/Palestine peace talks. Our guests are: veteran journalist Sunni Khalid; Dr. Julie Fisher, expert in democracy and […]

The Marc Steiner Show: “Deadline Looms In Egypt As Protests Continue”

July 3, 2013 – Segment 4 We discuss Egypt, where protests against the Morsi government, and counter-protests supporting it, have erupted across the country. The Egyptian Army has issued an ultimatum calling for President Morsi’s ouster that expires today. We are joined by: Sunni Khalid, veteran public radio  journalist; Adil Shamoo, Associate fellow of the […]

Memories of Cairo…

For many years, I have made countless and futile attempts to describe the Oriental charm, magical attraction and the sheer wonder of living in Cairo to my family and friends. Suffice it to say that Cairo is not simply a location, or a specific set of geographic coordinates on a map. And it is much […]

“An Unintended Monument,” excerpt from “The Land of My Fathers”

For many of those who have never set foot in Egypt, the first images conjured up by the mind’s eye, or by the cathode rays of modern television, are those of a harsh land dominated by monuments – both natural and man-made — of varying scale. That perception is, in fact, simplistic, but true. There […]

“Race in Egypt,” February 2011 (longer version)

By Sunni M. Khalid …Whenever I would return to Cairo from an assignment within the region, or on a visit through Europe, I always called my wife ahead of time and tell her to come to the airport two hours after my plane’s scheduled arrival. I would do this to spare her the additional time […]

Dec. 7, 2012, Egypt’s Political Crisis (Voice of Russia interview)

Dec. 2012, Egypt’s Political Crisis (Voice of Russia interview) I enjoyed being interviewed by my old friend, Jamila Bey, on her weekly show, “Sparring With Jamila Bey,” on Voice of Russia. Listen to our discussion along with Carmen Russell-Sluchansky on Egypt’s continuing political crisis.