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Barclay Residents Face The Challenge Of Relocation 

Barclay residents are bitter at being forced to relocate from their homes by city officials preparing the area for redevelopment. Advertisements

Barclay’s Residents Bemoan City’s Broken Promises

Many longtime residents of the Barclay community face relocation from their homes to make way for a planned redevelopment scheme that few will be around to enjoy.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death & Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 1 -Barclay-Midway’s Promise of Redevelopment. 

Residents of one of Baltimore’s poor, inner city neighborhoods are promised that they will share in the redevelopment slated for their drug- and crime-plagued neighborhood.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death & Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 5

“Urban Renewal” or “Negro Removal?” A historic look at urban redevelopment from World War II to present-day East Baltimore in the final segment of the series.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death & Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 3

In Part Three of the series, the acrimonious relationship between Johns Hopkins and the residents of Middle East residents, many of whom have been forced to relocate to make way for a $2.1 billion bio-medical research park.

“Beyond The Badlands: Life, Death and Rebirth in Middle East,” Part 1

In the Spring of 2006, Melody Simmons and I produced a five-part series on the gentrifying neighborhood of Middle East on Baltimore’s East Side. We spoke with residents, developers and economists about the process that would see one of the city’s formerly vibrant middle-class neighborhoods made over to accommodate a $2.1 billion bio-chemical research park […]

A Reporter’s Tour of Baltimore (Canton) Sunni Khalid and David Ettlin are on the road again. Today they’re checking out the Inner Harbor neighborhood of Canton.

A Reporter’s Tour of Baltimore (Fells Point) Sunni Khalid and David Michael Ettlin invite us along for another chapter in their driving tour of Baltimore neighborhoods. Today’s stop: Fells Point.

‘Harm City: How Baltimore Lost The War on Drugs” (1993), Chapter Three

                     CHAPTER THREE: ZONE ONE — NO PLACE TO BE STRAIGHT Baltimore city health officials say there are at least 50,000 addicts of all kinds in the city.  Heroin addicts, 20,000 to 25,000 of those, need doses of their favorite drug several times a day, seven days a week.   Cocaine users, the hard-core addicts and […]

‘Harm City: How Baltimore Lost The War on Drugs (1993), Chapter Two

                                                 CHAPTER TWO: THE DOSSIER      It’s 8:30 p.m. on another steaming June night in East Baltimore. Inside the Eastern Police District’s second-floor squad room, the Zone Rangers put on their Kevlar vests and check the clips on their 9-mm Glock semi-automatics as they get ready to execute Search and Seizure Warrant 171 — a […]