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Gerald J. “Jerry” Bender (1942-2017)

Last week, I lost another one of my mentors, Jerry Bender, who passed away in Los Angeles. Jerry was simply one of the most brilliant men I have ever had the privilege to meet. I was among one of many he mentored, not only about Angola and Africa, but about life. I will miss his […]

June 2002 – Angola’s Long Civil War Ends

Angola’s long civil war ends A report by Africa Journal’s Sunni Khalid on the death of rebel leader Jonas Savimbi and the immediate aftermath of the end of Angola’s long civil war in June 2002.

Sudden-death overtime: The last days of Jonas Savimbi and the end of the Angolan civil war

SUDDEN-DEATH OVERTIME:  The death of Jonas Savimbi and the end of Angola’s civil war By Sunni M. Khalid For the better part of 40 years, Angolan rebel leader Jonas Malheiro Savimbi was the unquestioned and brutal leader of one of Africa’s most successful and destructive guerrilla movements. He had personally cheated death countless times. This […]

Luanda, Angola, October 11, 1992 – UNITA Accuses Government of Election Fraud

Weekend All Things Considered Oct 11, 1992 UNITA Accused Angola Government of Election Fraud KATIE DAVIS, host: For those who had hoped this month’s first free elections in Angola would mark an end to civil strife in that country, today was a disappointing day. Fighting broke out this morning in the capital Luanda. Government anti-riot […]

Luanda, Angola, October 6, 1992 — UNITA Threatens to Renew Angola’s Civil War

All Things Considered Oct 6, 1992 UNITA Threatens War Saying Election’s  Fraud NOAH ADAMS, host: This is “All Things Considered.” I’m Noah Adams. LYNN NEARY, host: And I’m Lynn Neary. In Angola, mediators spent today trying to prevent that southern African nation from disintegrating into civil war again. After two days of peaceful voting last […]

Luanda, Angola, Oct. 6, 1992 — Angola Slides Back Toward Civil War

http:// Liane Hansen talks to Sunni Khalid in Luanda about the latest developments in Angola’s post-election crisis.

Luanda, Angola, Oct. 6, 1992 – Post-election Fighting Rocks Angolan Capital

A car bomb outside the Luanda headquarters of the main opposition political party in Angola’s elections precipitates a firefight in the capital between government police and rebel fighters. Sunni Khalid filed this report after being trapped inside the Hotel Turismo during the fighting.

Luanda, Angola, Sept. 29, 1992 – Angola Braces for 1st Democratic Elections

Morning Edition Sep 29, 1992 Angola Votes in First Multi-Party Election BOB EDWARDS, host: This is “Morning Edition.” I’m Bob Edwards. The people of Angola are voting today in the country’s first-ever multiparty elections. Voters are electing a president and a 223-seat legislature. The front-runners in the presidential race are incumbent Jose Eduardo dos Santos […]

Luis Costa Ribas, journalist extraordinaire

My brother, “road dog” and friend, Luis Costa Ribas is one of the greatest journalists I have ever known. He talked me into the roller coaster ride that was Angola in 1992. Hard-working, resourceful and absolutely fearless, Luis has literally been everywhere and covered every kind of story on radio and television. He showed me […]

What to Do with 150,000 Surplus Soldiers? (Baltimore Sun)

By S.M. Khalid On one of the last battlefields of the Cold War, peace in our lifetime. Although it may be a bit premature to break out the champagne and celebrate the end of Africa’s second-longest civil war, there is reason for genuine optimism that peace may finally be at hand following Wednesday’s agreement in […]