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‘Harm City: How Baltimore Lost The War on Drugs” (1993), Chapter Three

                     CHAPTER THREE: ZONE ONE — NO PLACE TO BE STRAIGHT Baltimore city health officials say there are at least 50,000 addicts of all kinds in the city.  Heroin addicts, 20,000 to 25,000 of those, need doses of their favorite drug several times a day, seven days a week.   Cocaine users, the hard-core addicts and […]

‘Harm City: How Baltimore Lost The War on Drugs (1993), Chapter Two

                                                 CHAPTER TWO: THE DOSSIER      It’s 8:30 p.m. on another steaming June night in East Baltimore. Inside the Eastern Police District’s second-floor squad room, the Zone Rangers put on their Kevlar vests and check the clips on their 9-mm Glock semi-automatics as they get ready to execute Search and Seizure Warrant 171 — a […]

‘Harm City: How Baltimore Lost The War on Drugs” (1993), Chapter One

‘Harm City: How The Drug War Is Being Fought And Lost in Baltimore Copyright April 1993 By S. M. Khalid and Garland L. Thompson PROLOGUE: A HERO COP DIES AN UGLY DEATH It took just 8.2 seconds for Marcellus Ward, a hero cop, to die at the hands of a drug dealer wielding a .357 […]

“Was it something I said?”

Is the microphone mightier than the sword? Having a little fun with some kids in a sugar cane field near Lukapa, Liberia, Nimba County, November 2010. (Photo: Ed Robbins)

“An Unintended Monument,” excerpt from “The Land of My Fathers”

For many of those who have never set foot in Egypt, the first images conjured up by the mind’s eye, or by the cathode rays of modern television, are those of a harsh land dominated by monuments – both natural and man-made — of varying scale. That perception is, in fact, simplistic, but true. There […]

Sunni Muhammad Khalid

Currently a freelance journalist, Sunni Khalid has worked in print, radio, television and web journalism. He has worked for Time magazine, USA TODAY, The Wilmington News-Journal, The Baltimore Sun, and National Public Radio, where he was a diplomatic correspondent and the Cairo bureau chief. During his career, Mr. Khalid has reported from Africa, Europe, the […]

“The Thriller in Manila”  

“Race in Egypt,” February 2011 (longer version)

By Sunni M. Khalid …Whenever I would return to Cairo from an assignment within the region, or on a visit through Europe, I always called my wife ahead of time and tell her to come to the airport two hours after my plane’s scheduled arrival. I would do this to spare her the additional time […]

“I am a seeker.” (Photo by Bonnie Schupp, 2008)

Flag of the Republic of Kenya