Monthly Archives: November 1996

Damascus, Syria, Nov. 26, 1996 – Assad Regime Maintains Hardline Stance Against Israel

NPR’s Sunni Khalid reports that Syrian President Hafez Assad has taken a hardline stance against Israel’s new government and many Syrians agree with him. But while Syrian officials say they do not see war as an option for resolving their differences with Israel, they are not sure Israel feels the same way. Advertisements

Damascus, Syria, Nov. 28, 1996 – Cautious Reforms For Syria’s Economy

In November 1996, I visited Syria and did this piece on the government’s attempts to kickstart its struggling economy. One of the people I interviewed was Syrian MP and businessman Riad Seif, an outspoken advocate of democracy who was subsequently imprisoned by the Assad government. He has now become a leading member of the opposition. […]

Nov. 12, 1996, Cairo, Egypt — Peace Talks Major Issue at Regional Summit

Sunni Khalid reports Arab and Israeli officials are meeting today in Cairo for a regional economic summit amid much controversy over whether the Israelis should be present at all.