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Beirut, Lebanon, April 25, 1996 — Hezbollah Transforms

Sunni Khalid reports on the transformation of Hezbollah from a politically weak party to a force that far transcends the number of seats in parliament. Each day of fighting has turned the Lebanese to look to Hezbollah as an expression of the national will. Advertisements

Beirut, Lebanon, April 18, 1996 – Fighting Update

Join Ray Suarez and his guests for Talk of the Nation. On today’s show, a half-hour will be devoted to bringing listeners up-to-date on the developing situation in Lebanon and the Middle East. In our second half-hour, we’ll talk with author Ken Stern about the state of citizen militias, one year after the Oklahoma City […]

Tyre, Lebanon, April 16, 1996 – Latest Developments in the Fighting Between Israel and Hezbollah

Bob Edwards talks to Sunni Khalid in Tyre on the latest developments in the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

Beirut, Lebanon, April 15, 1996 – Hezbollah Remains Defiant Amid Israeli Attacks

NPR’s Sunni Khalid reports from Beirut on Hezbollah’s hard-line stance regarding Israel. In an interview, Hezbollah’s chief political spokesman said that Hezbollah would be undeterred from bombing northern Israel, despite Israel’s aggressive response.

Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, April 15, 1996 – Residents Flee War Zone

http://Report from Nabatiyeh During Israel’s “Operation Grapes of Wrath” in Lebanon in April 1996, I reported from the war zone through southern Lebanon. Here is a report I filed on residents who fled from Nabatiyeh.

Beirut, Lebanon, April 13, 1996 — Israel, Hezbollah Clash

NPR’s Sunni Khalid reports from Beirut, Lebanon on the latest fighting between Israel and Lebanese-based Hizbollah movement. For the third day, the Israelis attacked Hizbollah positions, in retaliation for Hizbollah rocket attacks on settlements in Northern Israel. Today, Israeli ships blockaded the coast of Lebanon to prevent incoming boats from delivering supplies to Hizbollah. And […]