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Cap-Haitian, Haiti, September 30, 1994 — Regime Collapses in Northern Haiti

Morning Edition Sep 30, 1994 Haitian Towns Visited; Police out “Sick” BOB EDWARDS, Host: Haiti’s army chief, General Raoul Cedras, has admitted that his military no longer is in control of much of Northern Haiti. In an interview with CBS on Wednesday, Cedras said he was concerned about anarchy developing in that region. Most police […]

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sept. 29, 1994 – Violence Mars Demonstration

All Things Considered Sep 29, 1994 Haitian Demonstration Leaves 3 Dead SIEGEL: This is “All Things Considered”. I’m Robert Siegel. WERTHEIMER: And I’m Linda Wertheimer. In Haiti today, while thousands of people were holding a joyous pro-democracy celebration in the streets of Port-au-Prince, someone threw a hand grenade into the crowd. At least three Haitians […]

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sept. 18, 1994 – Clarin Helps Haitians Cope With Ongoing Crisis

http:// Haitian moonshine industry thrives as misery from U.N. embargo continues. I produced this piece during my first assignment in Haiti. All Things Considered Sep 18, 1994 Business Up for Haitian Clarin Makers? JACKI LYDEN, Host: Despair is one commodity that is widespread in Haiti. NPR’s Sunni Khalid was recently there, and he reports that […]