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Durban, South Africa, April 27, 1994 — The Vote In KwaZulu-Natal

Natal Voters Face Many Obstacles ROBERT SIEGEL, Host: The logistical problems in South Africa’s election are causing political trouble in the eastern province of Natal, home to about 20 percent of the electorate. Natal is the stronghold of the Inkatha Freedom Party, which only agreed to participate in the election last week after threatening for […]

Nqutu, South Africa, April 26, 1994 — Voter Turnout Faces Big Challenges

  Morning Edition Apr 26, 1994 Natal Province Difficult to Get Out Vote EDWARDS: In South Africa, the first of three days of voting is underway in the country’s first all-race elections. Balloting today is restricted to the elderly and those with special needs. Most of the attention is focused on tomorrow, when 9,000 polling […]

KwaMashu, South Africa, April 22, 1994 — The restless “Young Lions”

All Things Considered Apr 22, 1994 ANC Comrades Feel Left Out of Reform ROBERT SIEGEL, Host: When South Africans go to the polls next week to vote in their first-ever all-race election, the African National Congress is expected to win an easy victory, but there are many ANC activists who feel left out. These are […]

Durban, South Africa, April 22, 1994 – Elections Monitored Closely in Durban

Morning Edition Apr 22, 1994 Elections Monitored Closely in Durban EDWARDS: As South Africa prepares for its first all-race elections next week, Jesse Jackson will be on hand, leading the official U.S. observer delegation to monitor the vote. NPR’s Sunni Khalid reports from Durbin that the presence of U.S. and other international observers is seen […]

Durban, South Africa, April 21, 1994 – Inkatha Scrambles To Launch Campaign

All Things Considered Apr 21, 1994 Inkatha Scrambles to Catch Up in Election ROBERT SIEGEL, Host: This is “All Things Considered”. I’m Robert Siegel. There are only five days left before South Africa’s first all-race elections. More than two dozen political parties, including the African National Congress and the ruling National Party, are wrapping up […]

Ulundi, South Africa, April 20, 1994 — Inkatha Joins South African Elections

Morning Edition Apr 20, 1994 Inkatha Begins Late Campaign for President EDWARDS: In South Africa, the Inkatha Freedom Party today officially began campaigning, less than a week before the country’s first all-race elections. Inkatha leader chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi addressed thousands of cheering party supporters at Ulundi [sp], the capital of the KwaZulu homeland in Natal […]

Maputo, Mozambique, April 20, 1994 – Troop Demobilization In Post-war Mozambique

Troop Demobilization In Post-war Mozambique One of two pieces I did for the 1994 radio series on Africa’s lessons in democratization. http://

Durban, South Africa, April 15, 1994 – South Africa’s Indian Minority Views Elections

Morning Edition Apr 15, 1994 Indians Left Out of South Africa Debate BOB EDWARDS, Host: Political analysts in South Africa say last night’s televised debate between President F.W. De Klerk and African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela ended in an honorable tie. The debate was one of the last opportunities for both men to persuade […]

Ndwedwe, South Africa, April 13, 1994 — KwaZulu-Natal Campaign murders

All Things Considered Apr 13, 1994 Natal Site of Murdered Election Workers WERTHEIMER: [`All Things Considered’ theme music] This is “All Things Considered”. I’m Linda Wertheimer. ADAMS: And I’m Noah Adams. The escalating violence in South Africa’s Natal Province claimed another 28 lives today, including eight election workers. A survivor of the attack on the […]

Utongati, South Africa, April 12, 1994 — Inkatha’s pre-election plans

All Things Considered Apr 12, 1994 Inkatha Plans Violence at Election Time LINDA WERTHEIMER, Host: In South Africa today, a team of mediators led by former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, began efforts to end the conflict between the African National Congress and the Inkatha Freedom Party. Inkatha is boycotting this month’s first ever […]