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Luanda, Angola, October 11, 1992 – UNITA Accuses Government of Election Fraud

Weekend All Things Considered Oct 11, 1992 UNITA Accused Angola Government of Election Fraud KATIE DAVIS, host: For those who had hoped this month’s first free elections in Angola would mark an end to civil strife in that country, today was a disappointing day. Fighting broke out this morning in the capital Luanda. Government anti-riot […]

Luanda, Angola, October 6, 1992 — UNITA Threatens to Renew Angola’s Civil War

All Things Considered Oct 6, 1992 UNITA Threatens War Saying Election’s  Fraud NOAH ADAMS, host: This is “All Things Considered.” I’m Noah Adams. LYNN NEARY, host: And I’m Lynn Neary. In Angola, mediators spent today trying to prevent that southern African nation from disintegrating into civil war again. After two days of peaceful voting last […]

Luanda, Angola, Oct. 6, 1992 — Angola Slides Back Toward Civil War

http:// Liane Hansen talks to Sunni Khalid in Luanda about the latest developments in Angola’s post-election crisis.

Luanda, Angola, Oct. 6, 1992 – Post-election Fighting Rocks Angolan Capital

A car bomb outside the Luanda headquarters of the main opposition political party in Angola’s elections precipitates a firefight in the capital between government police and rebel fighters. Sunni Khalid filed this report after being trapped inside the Hotel Turismo during the fighting.