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Luanda, Angola, Sept. 29, 1992 – Angola Braces for 1st Democratic Elections

Morning Edition Sep 29, 1992 Angola Votes in First Multi-Party Election BOB EDWARDS, host: This is “Morning Edition.” I’m Bob Edwards. The people of Angola are voting today in the country’s first-ever multiparty elections. Voters are electing a president and a 223-seat legislature. The front-runners in the presidential race are incumbent Jose Eduardo dos Santos […]

Luis Costa Ribas, journalist extraordinaire

My brother, “road dog” and friend, Luis Costa Ribas is one of the greatest journalists I have ever known. He talked me into the roller coaster ride that was Angola in 1992. Hard-working, resourceful and absolutely fearless, Luis has literally been everywhere and covered every kind of story on radio and television. He showed me […]